We are a league in which the core managers have been playing together for 20+ years. We are a very competitive league, even though we play for bragging rights only. We just learned that one of our long-time managers is retiring so we now need one new manager. Even though keepers are involved, it is NOT a dynasty league, and a shrewd manager can win - we did have a new manager join us last year (from these forums) who was able to take a last-place team and almost win the league last year. Experience is preferred, and we've found BBHQ subscribers are well-suited for our league.

Here's the pertinent information on the league. If you are interested, I will send specifics on the team you would be taking over, which will have the first pick in our draft. I will also need an email address for our commish to send you a formal invite.
  • Daily Yahoo league, All MLB, 5x5 roto, with Saves + Holds (instead of just Saves), Max Innings Pitched - 1400 (once exceeded, pitching stats no longer count)
  • Roster Slots - 1-C, 1B, 2B, 3B, MI, CI, 5-OF, 2-UT (any hitter), 3-SP, 2-RP, 4-P (any pitcher); 5-BN (can be used for any combination of hitters & pitchers); 3-IL; 2-NA slots (used to roster minor leaguers or any player that is not on an active MLB roster) but you can't draft into these slots, and they can only be filled post-draft (lots of post-draft roster activity so get in early)
  • Waivers: $100 Free Agent Budget for the season. If only $0 bids are made, or equal high bids, waivers are awarded using a Continual Rolling List waiver priority
  • Online Draft is always the Sunday before Opening Day - this year it will be on Sunday, March 26th at 3 pm Eastern
  • Keepers:
    • Each team may keep a maximum of 9 players (hitters or pitchers) as follows: 3 for 1 Yr (they go back into the draft pool following the 2023 season), 3 for 2 Yrs (into the draft pool after 2024), 3 for 3 Yrs (2025). Think of it as similar to an MLB team having control of players for a specified # of years.
    • Teams are not required to keep any players, but if they do, they are limited to the rules above. Some teams in rebuilding mode may choose to keep all of their draft picks
    • Your keepers become your draft pick based on their Yahoo pre-season rank as of one week preceding the draft (players ranked 1-12 are 1st rounders, 13-24 are 2nd rounders, etc.)
    • If you have two players ranked in the same round, the lower-ranked player is bumped to the next round, which can cause lower-ranked players to also be bumped (there were several years when I didn't draft until Rd 10!)
    • Keeper lists are due to the Commissioner 8 days before the draft (this year - Saturday, March 18th), so you then have one week to see everyone's keepers and strategize your draft plan.
    • For each year's draft:
      • Prior to next year's draft, all 1-Yr (2023) keepers go back into the draft pool, and we add a new 3-Yr group, so you always have the ability to keep up to 9 players
      • Once designated as a keeper, that player can be moved to an earlier year but never a later year (for example, next year, you could move a 2025 keeper to 2024, but not to 2026). This system of rolling keepers prevents us from becoming a Dynasty league
    • Trades can involve keepers, but a player's keeper status follows the trade. However, you can never keep more than 9 players total (3 for any given year) going into the next season
    • If a keeper is dropped, his keeper status falls off if he clears waivers. But, if you pick a keeper up via Waivers, the keeper status remains attached
  • Your team will have the 1st pick depending on your keepers.
    • You should have an opportunity to create a really good, competitive team for next year, considering that players such as Juan Soto, Jose Ramirez, Yordan Alvarez, Aaron Judge, and Paul Goldschmidt are all available in this year's draft - it's possible you could even pick up more than one of these top players.
    • I am more than happy to help you plan if you like and to answer any questions you may have.

Curt B