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Very Competitive & Knowledgable League 5X5 H2H Auction 14 Teams

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  • Very Competitive & Knowledgable League 5X5 H2H Auction 14 Teams

    I'll get right to it ladies and gents. This league is literally a blast, fun banter and we always take pleasure in watching someone's SP getting absolutely shellacked! LOL The text chain for the league is really funny but always in a light-hearted way, we have all been there on the wrong end so it's always funny when it's not you. Very competitive and hardcore baseball fans, we all are spread out over all 4 time zones. ESPN online Draft, Alex is the Commish and I am just trying to help fill the league out, we were at 14. Willing to go down to 12 but would prefer to stay at 14. The reason we lost was 2 players basically checked out by May and even paid already so we just want guys who generally like to play fantasy baseball. 3 other guys' life man, life gets in the way understandably marriage, kid, just no time to give his all, which we understand. The good news is no drama and nothing bad happened, Alex runs the league and he is great, very detailed oriented, and will send you the league constitution if it gets that far.

    The waiver wire is worked over by some in the league and some players in the league are more conservative. Which is great, we all can win in different ways. It's a 2-year keeper league, meaning. So you get the player the year you drafted him and 1 more if you choose to, then back into the player pool. The reason we do this is it gives everyone a chance to go after a stud player if they want, and you can trade great high-priced studs to contenders and great Keepers for the next season if you happen to be out of it or trying to make the playoffs.

    Trading, the league may veto it and that's fine, the league may allow it, and that's fine too. If it gets vetoed you and the other player get 72 hours to rework a deal, this way you don't do all the heavy lifting, and then someone vultures your hard work. Overwhelmingly trades go through though but want to cover all the bases.

    League Fee is $150 but may go up a little nothing crazy, we give out payouts to other stats too so everyone has a chance to win $$$$.

    Well, I hope to hear form anyone that is serious and wants to be in a serious competitive league.