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Planning ahead for a new Dynasty league to start in 2023.

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  • Planning ahead for a new Dynasty league to start in 2023.

    Hello everyone out there in baseball world.

    A few friends and I have been thinking about starting a dynasty league but do not have enough owners. We also are worried about how to deal with owner retention. Wondering if there is any advice on the retention part and if anyone would like start a conversation about joining our league. The more owners the better.

    Thank you for your time.

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    It's probably too soon to be recruiting for next season. I would spend the next few months working on your league format. Categories, # of teams, roster size, how many minor leaguers, draft vs. auction, etc. There are some people here who have established one or more dynasty leagues who can give you their thoughts on what works and what doesn't.

    I think you'll get enough takers because a lot of people like the idea of getting into a dynasty league at the very beginning.


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      I will echo a few of Tom's comments

      Work on the rules and the constitution now

      How many people do you want in the league.

      Roste size



      I started two dynasty leagues. I catered the rules at the onset to rules that I liked.

      More importantly, we have all played in leagues that had rules that we hated.

      So I put rules in place to prevent that stuff.

      Plus rules that made it more fun for everyone. ( see waiver claims once a week vs free for all )

      The other big part. When you have all that stuff in place.

      If you post the league opening on the forums.

      Do the league like an interview process. Don't just say YES to anyone that responds. ( I made that mistake in the beginning with the first league. but learned from mistakes and second league runs really smoothly and have a good bunch of people. I have a good bunch of people in my first league now as well. But took a few years to get to that point )

      Send them the rules

      Ask them. Have you ever played in this format?

      What's your experience in fantasy etc

      So, you get a feel for them and know they wont be a one and done kind of player

      I run two dynasty leagues. One league is made of up mainly HQ people. Which makes things more fun. But a pain in the ass at draft time.

      The other league has 10 HQ people in it. The other 5 are people that ive played with before. So I know them

      That's the biggest key with retention

      You will lose a person or two every so often. Due to life etc. But you will retain almost every in the league for the most part.

      When that happens. Most likely someone in the league will know someone. So you will get an in house referral basically.

      That's what's worked for me