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American League roto league needs a new GM

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  • American League roto league needs a new GM

    We are a decently priced American League only league in need of two GM's. pre-lockdown some members auctioned in person; some long-distance members auctioned on speaker phone. in 2021 our league used the zoom platform, and 2022 is looking like a zoom repeat which may carry into future seasons.

    Auction date is to be determined once cba issues are resolved by mlb/mlbpa

    30 + years old 5x5 league
    11 teams
    rosters are deep at 40 players (25 active, 15 reserve, $280 auction budget...this mimics a 12-teamer league)
    we use onRoto
    daily transactions
    entry fee is $1,000
    your daily moves do not have a cost, as in zero dollars
    a traded player becomes a final year contract, back into the next auction pool he goes
    n.l. players traded into the American league are ineligible for free agent pick up
    American League players traded into the n.l. continue to accrue stats while on the active roster

    the new owners shall have a dispersal draft.

    I know these are trying times both in real life and baseball, so fantasy is a good diversion. if you have interest, let's continue the process...
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