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Dynasty League Needs a Minor League Interested Owner

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  • Dynasty League Needs a Minor League Interested Owner

    For the last decade I’ve run a dynasty league, and several owners have been there since day one. This year, probably pandemic related, we are losing three owners (and maybe a fourth after the season, but I’m guessing not), who have decided they are not interested in baseball as much as they were. Fine, I wish them well, but now I need someone to take over a team. Of the three teams, one owner is active and will remain so the rest of the season before he drops out. Of the other two, one doesn’t have time, but has been a friend so long I’m bringing him in as my co-owner, though I will do the decisions. The third owner checked out weeks ago.

    So a new owner can have a choice of team. We are going to contract from 12-team mixed to 10-team mixed, but we still need one owner. Here are the details, and please read carefully:
    • CBS hosted
    • H2H points that very favors starting pitching. You live or die with your pitching in this scoring (historical reasons, you’ll just have to live with it)
    • No salaries. Keep a guy forever, if you want.
    • Two matches per week (Mon-Thu, Fri-Sun), so no double starts. Just get quality SP, and plenty of them, and you’ll thrive
    • Friendly bunch, but not yakkers or woofers. This is not a trash talking league
    • You might succeed by trading, but the only real way to win is through the draft and free agency. The best owners find the young MLers before anyone else.
    • Two drafts per year (Feb free agent, Aug 2nd rookies) held over Slack over several days. Won’t interfere with your other leagues.
    • Free agency is open all season, 24x7. Want a guy? Grab him. We close free agency in the off-season, but trading is open year round.
    • 18 starters (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, DH, 9 pitchers of which no more than 5 can be SP at a time). Quality major leaguers only, so target the best.
    • 60-man bench (that will become a 70-80 man bench when we contract), and you can do all veteran players, or all minor leaguers, or any combo. It’s your team.
    • H2H playoffs the last six weeks of the season, with multi-match scoring to avoid the one lucky match winners. Six of ten teams make the playoffs, so you have motive to play
    • Upper division and Lower division, with annual relegation. Easier to make playoffs from the Lower (4 of 6 make it)
    • Cost is just $25 and payout is small. This is for fun, not money.
    • SAINT@HQ is part of this league, as am I, so you’d be playing against minor league experts. You must have interest in minor leaguers or you will never succeed. You can learn.
    Want this sort of league where you can target a 20-year-old budding star that you find before anyone else, then keep him forever? Where you could own Vlad Jr. or Trout their entire career? Would you consider a long stay in the league? If so, DM me, and you can look at the two teams and decide if you’d be up to the challenge. Rookie draft starts Aug. 2nd, and you’d be taking over this team soon, so the draft will be yours.

    When you DM me, please tell me why you think you’d be a good owner in this type of league. Thanks for reading. / @NickRichardsHQ

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    Manager found, so slot is filled. There is a chance another opening will happen this off-season, so I will keep this here, and anyone interested can reach out. Won’t know for sure until October or so. / @NickRichardsHQ