We are a 10+ year league but now have two (2) openings for new managers. Prefer some experience, but not a requirement - just commit to playing the entire season.

1. No fee to enter!! We play for competition and bragging rights.
2. Rosters: 2-C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS,CI, MI, 5-OF, 1-UTIL, 3-SP, 2-RP, 4-P, 5-BN, 4-IL, 2-NA (for players in minors). (We may be reducing the number of Catchers to 1)
3. 5x5 scoring categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG / W, SV+Holds, K, ERA, WHIP
4. $100 FAB for season
5. 1 day trade reject time - based on league manager votes (I've rarely seen a trade vetoed)
6. Keepers: 3 - Kept for 1 Year (currently back into the draft pool following the 2021 season), 3 - Kept for 2 Years (back into the draft pool following the 2022 season), 3 - Kept for 3 Years (back into the draft pool following the 2023 season) for a total of 9 keepers max. For the following season, you would be able to add 3 new keepers from your 2021 season-ending roster for 2024 to replace those going back into the draft pool. Keepers are slotted into their appropriate draft round based on their Yahoo ranking; if you have two keepers slotted into the same round, the lower ranked player is bumped to the next lowest round. Also, you would be under no requirement to keep any players if you so choose. One last point, once slotted into a given year, players cannot be moved to a later year (for example, if you had Fernando Tatis as a keeper going back into the pool after 2022, he cannot be moved to a 2023 slot) - this prevents us from becoming a true dynasty league. Sounds more complicated than it really is! We have found that this system adds an additional level of strategy in our league.
7. Live online draft is scheduled for Sunday, March 28th at 3pm EDT
8. To express interest or to request additional information, contact me at curtb811@yahoo.com

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon, Curt