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Looking to add an owner (12 team, roto,auction,keeper) AND join another league

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  • Looking to add an owner (12 team, roto,auction,keeper) AND join another league

    11 year old 12 team mixed AL/NL league. $260 auction budget and can trade up to a $300 cap in season. 5x5: OBP, SLG, R, RBI, SB x W, SVx2 +H, K/9, ERA, WHIP. 2 C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 5 OF, 9 P (with IP min), 5 reserve, and 5 minor leaguers (supplemental snake draft for minor leaguers who weren’t kept, minor league draft picks are tradable asset in season). $44 buy in plus $2 per trade or waiver claim goes into the prize pool (top 3 paid).

    We tentatively filled our vacancy for this year but coming off the COVID season it would be nice to have backup options, and if we found someone good we would proactively check in with owners who seem less engaged these days. I’d be willing to fill someone else’s league vacancy even if it is an ugly reclamation project if there was an informal understanding they’d be willing to step in if we need to fill a spot in mine this year or next. I’m also open to joining a new league just for the fun of it without such understanding.

    For leagues I’d be looking to join, I only really like roto, not HTH, and mixed AL + NL leagues. I’d enjoy having a deeper minors roster, and I am okay with different categories as long as they don’t get too unconventional, some stats just aren’t fun to track.

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    I am bumping this up because we will definitely need a new owner for 2022 (the owner who is leaving is riding out this year, but probably wouldn’t object to someone taking over now, either way).

    Same offer stands, I am happy to fill someone else’s vacancy and submit myself to whatever vetting you want to feel confident that I am a serious, active & engaged fantasy owner


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      Okay we officially need 1 new owner for 2022, please let me know if interested. This is a good league with easy going owners but who also don’t slack off and keep trade chatter going even in the offseason.

      The team to be taken over has some very good keepers, headlined by $5 Ohtani, and one of the better minor league systems too (headlined by Torkelson).

      Happy to answer questions before anyone commits, thanks!