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1 open slot in 34th season league - mixed, snake, 6 x 5, 34-man roster, keepers

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  • 1 open slot in 34th season league - mixed, snake, 6 x 5, 34-man roster, keepers

    We are looking to bring ONE OWNER on board for the 2021 season. Currently, 7 of the 12 existing owners have ties to BASEBALL HQ to varying degrees - one is a former HQ staffer (Tom Todaro), and five of us are regular contributors to the forums and participate in HQ-sponsored leagues (Larry Chielli, John Sukroo, Rich Benevento, myself.).

    if you're looking to compete with other passionate, involved owners in a fun league that has prizes worth your six month-long commitment, then get in touch now. it's first come, first served!


    The League Constitution (below) will answer all of your questions. If interested, please contact me at "".) Thanks for reading! Rich Murphy, Commissioner
    ================================================== ==============

    LOU PINIELLA LEAGUE 2.0 (F/K/A The Lou Piniella League, est’d 1988)
    Rich Murphy, Commissioner
    Rich Murphy, Jr. & Larry Chielli, Deputy Cmsrs.

    Fees and Prize Monies
    • Fee is $ 200 for returning owners, and $ 150 for new owners.
    • Prize break-down: 1st – 60%, 2nd – 25%, 3rd – 10%, and 4th – 5%.
    • Fees are due prior to draft, and are deposited in PayPal account.
    • Prize monies are distributed immediately upon season’s conclusion (I don't screw around. You get your winnings usually the day after.).
    • Plaque is presented/forwarded to League Champion.
    • Fee is $ 150.00 for 1st year, $ 200.00 thereafter.
    • Fee for stats service (CBS) is $ 150.00.
    • Hitting - Runs, HRs, RBI, Net SBs, AVG, and TBs + HPB.
    • Pitching – Net Wins, Net Saves + Holds, ERA, Ratio, and Ks.
    • Champion is determined by highest point total after 162 games.
    • Tie(s) are broken by Head-to-Head results, then Batting AVG.
    Note: Mandatory Innings Requirement – 1,000 IPs for 162-game schedule*.
    (or else calculated on a pro-rata basis, should less than 162 games be played.)

    • Active – Twenty-six players:
    1. Hitters – Fifteen: 1 each at C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, Mid. Inf, and Cor. Inf; 5 at OF, and 3 DH/UT. Pitchers – Eleven: Minimum of 5 Starters and maximum of 8; Minimum of 3 Relievers and maximum of 6.
    • Bench/Reserve – 8 players, comprised of 5 MLB players and 3 MiLB players (all of whom must be Rookie of the Year-eligible. No positional restrictions.
    • Eligibility - 20 games for draft, and 5 games in-season, for 162-game season; if neither minimum is met, then position where majority of games were played.
    • All hitters are eligible at DH/UT.
    • Players who only appeared at DH/UT are eligible only at DH/UT.
    • Players with eligibility at both hitter and pitcher accumulate stats at the position they are drafted at. If traded or dropped, acquiring owner has the option to switch player from hitter to pitcher or vice-versa (ex. - Ohtani, McKay, Lorenzen.)
    *** IMPORTANT *** Expansion owner(s) are placed at the end of the 1st Round and then on the turn pick first in Round 2, etc. Their first five keepers are obtained during the 10-day long "WTP", prior to which time they shall be provided copies of the Draft Matrix and the rosters of the existing teams. During this period, owners will make offers to, and field offers for their players in exchange for agreed-upon picks. The snake format ensures that the expansion owner will have at least one pick on every turn where one is traded away (unless he chooses to move both picks.) The advantage of obtaining their handful of players is they get the players they want and have control over what pick(s) they give up.

    The Draft
    • Draft Day – Held on Saturday closest to Opening Day. For 2021 Season: Saturday, March 27th at 1:00 p.m.
    • Format – Snake.
    • # of Rounds – of 26, and maximum of 29*.
    (* - Owners must enter Draft Day with a minimum of 5, up to a maximum of 8 declared keepers, comprised of 5 MLB and a maximum of 3 MiLB players.)
    Note: MiLB players are ROY-eligible (less than130 ABs and less than 50 IP in MLB.)
    • Minor League players may be drafted in any round.
    • “Aroldis Chapman Rule” – Drafted players who are serving suspensions as of Opening Day must remain on active roster until the conclusion of suspension.
    • No more than two picks in a Round (Including a pick acquired via trade.)
    • Maximum # of two-pick rounds – 5
    • Two-pick rounds are limited to Rounds 1 through 10.
    • Unlimited picks
      in any round – from Round 11 on.
    • Trading of future picks:
    1. During 10-day Winter Trading Period (“WTP”) that usually commences at noon on the day after Super Bowl Sunday. All keeper lists are due to the Commissioner by 11 p.m., night of WTP’s conclusion
    2. In-season/Players only - commencing April 15th through August 31st, and In-season/Players and Picks - commencing May 1st through August 31st.
    Note: Draft Matrix will be made available prior to opening of WTP.
    • Trade-balancing picks – Unless specifically agreed-upon, offsetting picks will be placed starting with open Round 26 or else next available, preceding round moving forward (round 25, 24, etc.)
    • 5 MLB players per team, plus 1 to 3 MiLB players. (If none, or fewer than 3 are submitted, Rounds 26 through 29 are available to accommodate selection of needed MLB and/or MiLB players for any team needing them.
    Note: Players declared as keepers prior to start of season and who are injured may be placed on I.L. on Opening Day.

    • Weekly Free Agent claims: Limit of 1 per team. Entered on site on Sunday night, deadline is 11 p.m., (See final page for directions on entering moves on site.)
    • I.L.- related moves: Entered on site on Sunday and Wednesday nights via email to Commissioner. Deadline for both is 11 p.m. (See final page for directions.)
    Note # 1: Player must appear on I.L. in order to be placed on LPL 2.0 I.L.
    Note # 2: *** Before entering claim for a FA or an I.L.’d player, owner must first check to see if there is a qualified replacement on his Reserve roster. If not, then normal claim entry process can move forward.
    • Daily trades: Owner A enters the trade on site. Owner B then APPROVES, COUNTER OFFERS, or REJECTS. (See final page ………….)
    Note: All trades are subject to review by commissioners, and are effective next day, provided there are no issues.

    Suspensions/Paternity List
    • Players who are suspended for “team-related” or undisclosed reasons do NOT merit being carried on Reserves. Owner has two options: 1) carry player on active roster, or 2) drop player and put in corresponding claim for a free agent replacement.
    • Players who are suspended for 50-plus games for PED violations, domestic violence etc., may be placed on Reserves and activated upon being reinstated by MLB.
    • Players who are placed on MLB Paternity Leave as reported by or may be reserved, and activated the day after MLB team does the same.
    Orphaned Teams
    • Rosters of abandoned teams are returned to the Free Agent pool in their entirety.
    ================================================== ============================================

    HOW TO enter Free Agent, I.L. Moves & Trades
    • Weekly Free Agent claims: Limit of 1 per team. Entered on site on Sunday night, deadline is 11 p.m., by going to PLAYERS section and clicking on “+” to the extreme left under ACTION heading. Player to be dropped will be found by scrolling-down roster that will pop-up under player to be added, by clicking on “-“ to the extreme left under “EDIT” heading. Once this is done, click SUBMIT to complete claim process.
    • I.L.- related Moves: 1) Sundays - entered on site by 11 p.m. (same procedure as above) and 2) Wednesdays - via email by 11 p.m. to the Commissioner who will enter the moves, effective on Thursday.
    • Daily trades: One owner enters the trade on site by clicking on the TRADES button on the upper, right-hand side of the page. Trade partner is selected on right-hand side of page, players are checked-off, and when done, click on REVIEW button. Next page will list players (and future draft picks during designated period) involved for verification purposes, comment may be added, then click on SUBMIT button. Trade partner then APPROVES, COUNTER OFFERS or REJECTS.

    2 – 13 - 21
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