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**What We Need, What We Offer Stir Not League**

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  • **What We Need, What We Offer Stir Not League**

    * Need 3 Replacement Owners For Intense Custom H2H, Mixed, Auction, Keeper League
    * OnLine Auction is Saturday, April 3, 2021 beginning at 7:00 p.m. EDT. Should last aprox 4 hours, including two or three scheduled 10 minute breaks.
    * 36th Consecutive Season.
    * H2H- A single win or loss for each team each week.
    * 2 Divisions, 5 Teams per Division.
    * $15 League Fee to server.
    * No Bench. Everyone plays, except those on the Injured List or in the Farm System.
    * InSeason Inactive/Reserve Roster Slots: 6 Injured List, 10 Farm.
    * Lots of Players.
    * 46 Active Roster Slots per team.
    * 22 Active Pitcher Roster Slots: 10 x SP; 10 x RP; 2 x P.
    * 23 Active Hitter Roster Slots: 6 x OF, 3 x Catchers, 2 x 1B, 2 x 2B, 2 x 3B, 2 x SS, 2 x MI, 2 x CI, 2 x Utility.
    * 1 Active Roster Slot for a Swingman (either a hitter or hurler).
    * Lots of scoring stats each week.
    * 6 X 6 Scoring Categories
    * Nine Counting Scoring Categories: Hitting__Runs, Home Runs, RBI, Plate Appearances, Stolen Bases, plus Pitching__ Wins, Strikeouts, Innings Pitched, and (Saves + Holds/2).
    * Three Quality or Rate Scoring Categories: ERA, WHIP, and Batting Average.
    * No maximum or minimum PA or IP.
    * Every team participates in Playoffs.
    * Three winners each season: Two Division Pennant Winners and a Playoff Champion.
    * In-Season Acquisitions: two opportunities each week for Free Agent Acquisitions based on reverse order of the standings with a single acquisition per team per round and once you are successful you rotate to the end of the line; plus MLB style Waiver Claims once per week with same priority of acquisitions as free agent claims.
    * All Deadlines for transactions are at Midnight Pacific Coast Time and handled automatically by stat service.
    * 3 year MLB Player Contracts.
    * Keeper Freeze Rosters- Max 15 MLB, 6 Farm; No Minimums
    * Farm Players can be acquired both during the season and during our 10 Round Farm Draft one week after our Auction Day. Max 10 Farm roster slots during the season. Max 6 Farm Keepers.

    * We don’t require Expansion Owners to takeover weak rebuilds with no choice as to the players inherited before Auction Day.
    * We use a 15 round serpentine draft for the expansion teams with regard to MLB Players and 6 rounds for Minors, but you can stop drafting your team at any time after you decide you have all the players available that you want on your team. By the way, we have had teams win with as few as 4 and 6 MLB Keepers.
    * [Links to Players information for 2021 Expansion Teams - Google Docs](

    Thanks, James