Our 6x6 (Holds + OBP) roto dynasty league is entering its 12th season and searching for two new owners. Higher than typical turnover for the league, but with unknowns in their personal lives and MLB's future (2021 season details, CBA, etc) these owners decided they needed to focus elsewhere for now. Four owners are original owners and six more have been owners since I re-joined the league 4 years ago.

The league has contracts, off-season and in-season free agency, and a $25 fee paid out to the top three finishers. Slow auction for MLB roster and slow draft for MiLB roster. All our rules/processes can be found in the league constitution: https://midwesterndynasty.proboards....e-constitution

Below are links to the four available teams and current FA.
Available Team #1: https://midwesterndynasty.proboards....-team-1-roster
Available Team #2: https://midwesterndynasty.proboards....-team-2-roster
Available Team #3: https://midwesterndynasty.proboards....-team-3-roster
Available Team #4: https://midwesterndynasty.proboards....-team-4-roster
Current Free Agents: https://midwesterndynasty.proboards....ee-agents-team

Teams 1 and 2 have been claimed but teams 3 and 4 are still open. Team 4 won the championship 4 of the last 6 years and is still in pretty good shape although admittedly not the force it once was.

Trading Opens 1/7 and Free Agency Opens 2/1

Contact jbormann75@gmail.com if you're interested.