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32 Year 4x4 NL Only league seeks a 12th Franchise

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  • 32 Year 4x4 NL Only league seeks a 12th Franchise

    Some League facts:
    - NL Only - Ultra (i.e 24 man Active Rosters and 16 Man Reserve rosters)
    - 4x4 Keeper League, original/std categories. Contracts are the standard A,B, C (option) format.
    - Standard Waggoner/Okrent rules, with a few little tweaks added over time like most leagues. We have added Salary cap legislation ($310 Active Cap changing to $330 at the ASB) as our hedge against the damage done by dumping.
    - $270 Auction Budget for 14 Offense/10 Pitchers.
    - 16 Round Serpentine Reserve Draft.
    - You can keep up to 15 Keepers but also as few as none. 3 Minor leaguer protects also.
    - Average cost per team is roughly in the neighborhood of $500 - $700 and we pay money to the first 6 teams with the 7th place team getting the following season's first choice in the Reserve Draft. First place money is roughly $4000 give or take.
    - We also run a concurrent 4 Year race, the third iteration of which will end at the conclusion of the 2021 season. That pays the top 4 teams with $1000 to the winner.
    - we used to always be a live auction but more than likely those days have ended thanks mostly to COVID. Last year we used the Onroto draft room and it went tremendously well.

    Also, we would have the new team only responsible for 50% of their costs as a means to lessen the impact of being a new team.
    documentation upon request.

    Thanks for reading