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Looking for 3-4 Replacements for a 14 team mixed Keeper league

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  • Howie M
    am always intrigued by unusual leagues.

    what are the advantages to this format, and does it make it more difficult to recruit owners?

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  • RJM713
    Start-up Roto League Seeks Owners (Mixed, 6 x 5,Keepers, CBS)

    UPDATE ----- We've already signed three new owners. Looking to add two to four more.

    ----- Snake draft, order determined by randomizer program.
    ----- Numbers of Teams - 10 (minimum) to 14 (maximum.)
    ----- Categories - Hitting (6) Runs, RBI, HR, Net SB, AVG. and Total Bases + Walks + HBP; Pitching (5) Net Wins, ERA, WHIP, Net Saves plus Holds and Strikeouts.
    ----- Roster: Active Position Players (15) - 1 each at 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, C, MidINFand CorINF, 5 OF, and 3 DH; Active Pitchers (11) - 5 Starters min.and 8 max., and 3 Relievers min. and 6 max. Bench (5) - any combination of Position Players and Pitchers, including Minor Leaguers (must be Rookie of the Year eligible: Hitters < 130 ABs and Pitchers < 50 IPs in MLB.)
    ----- Keepers - 5.
    ----- Stats Provider/Draft Room - CBS
    ----- Commissioner - Rich Murphy
    ----- Draft - Online.
    ----- Draft Date - TBD Saturday with start time of 1 p.m.
    ----- Team Fee - $ 200.00 for existing owners,
    $ 150.00 for new owners
    ----- Team fees less CBS fee to be held by PayPal.
    ----- Payouts - 1st place through 3rd if < 10 teams, and 1st place through 4th if >10.
    ----- Complete rules are listed in Constitution.
    ----- Free Agents - weekly, one per team; Submission deadline: Sunday nights, by 9 p.m. Based on reverse order of standings.
    ----- Trades are daily. Trading period open from mid-April to week in late August.
    ----- Trades can include future picks from mid-July to week ending closest o Labor Day. Off-season Winter Trading Period: 10 days in February, beginning at noon
    of the Monday following Super Bowl.
    ----- D.L. moves - Daily, awarded by time stamp.

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  • Moxball
    Sorry we filled thank you for responding appreciate it.

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  • zeeksam
    I'm interested if available

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  • Moxball
    One owner needed still - Draft will be March 14th 5pm est

    Please get in touch


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  • Looking for 3-4 Replacements for a 14 team mixed Keeper league

    So the league is going through changes I have taken over from long time commish that is retiring all together - ESPN history goes all the way back to 2007

    We are a nice group of friendly players with a few good players - at least one TGFBI and a couple of writers for independent places.

    Scoring is 6x6 broken down;
    R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS

    I have looked at 3 of the teams and they all have keeper quality choices - Keep up to 5

    If your interested send me a message