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High $ Keeper League has ONE vacancy

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  • High $ Keeper League has ONE vacancy

    The Norse Rotisserie League, which has operated for several years has a vacancy due to the passing away of our friend, Harry Kominski of CA. Since Harry played Roto for many years, possibly some BHQ subscribers knew him. Sadly we are now recruiting for someone seriously into this hobby to replace him. This league isn't for everyone, but if interested please respond. Here's the format:

    The EF is $2000, payable to our Commissioner, Mark Hodge of FL. Mark is a former attendee of First Pitch Forum. I assist him, as I am the Commish of a sister league that has run since 2006. The AUCTION is LIVE, at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday, March 28, at 8:00 AM PCT. The structure is basically Waggoner. The 2019 league champions are Steve Giufre, Sr. & Steve Giufre, Jr. of CA. We have owners from all 4 time zones.

    All league fees are paid as prizes, 45%, 25%, 15%, 10% (1st-4th place). There are TWO auctions: NL-only + AL-only. Standings are based on the COMBINED 5X5 scores of both leagues. This is a KEEPER league & the team Harry Kaminski left behind is competitive in 2020. There is a separate FARM draft, as this is a modified Dynasty league.

    League expenses are: $500 commish fee, $200 for the 2 Onroto sites (AL + NL), $350 auctioneer, $1100 (casino conference room). There is a September Roster Expansion Draft (& this is a FAAB/waiver league as well). The Sept Roster expansion adds about $900 to the prize pool, so with 12 teams, the prize pool is ~ $24,900, minus the above expenses which total $2150. The rate of return of prizes is thus 92%, which is why we formed these private leagues to begin with, back in 2006.

    If interested please contact me:

    Josh Turin (Allen, TX)

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    The league has filled. Thanks & good luck to everyone @ BHQ in 2020. Josh Turin


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      Josh, let me know the next time you have an opening. Long time, seasoned rotisserie veteran. Live in Orange County, CA.

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        There may be a vacancy in the Continental League (advertised below in this Forum). Please email me.