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Seeking/Starting Charleston/Summerville SC roto league

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  • Seeking/Starting Charleston/Summerville SC roto league

    Hi guys longtime HQer and experienced player seeking a local league here is greater Charleston SC area. I currently commish an online 6x6 mixed dynasty league and I've been in longtime AL only 4x4 league for over two decades. I'm either looking to join a local established league or willing to start one up if there is enough interest and have a live draft at a local sports bar or hotel. PM me or respond here if you know of any leagues. Appreciate it, thanks!

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    bump, still looking to join live draft established local league....


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      Have you had any luck finding a local league? I'm in Mount Pleasant and might be interested. My NL-only league in Philly looks like it might be crashing & burning after 30 years.