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  • High Stakes league

    High Stakes Opening,12 teams per league (Approx. $3500 - $4000 in fees per team)

    Two separate 4 x 4 leagues (AL/NL), standings based on combined point total.

    Masters League has been around for 20 + years.

    Auction, Keeper league, FAAB, Farm team

    Salary cap, Dumping permitted but every trade must be voted on by league members.

    Standard rotisserie, 12 team, 24 NL players, 24 AL

    Pay outs for top 6 places.

    Approximately 25K first, 12K Second, 6 K third & 3K forth

    Auction Draft in Vegas MLB Opening Day March 26 2020.

    Anyone interested please email me at

    Already filled one spot now we have another opportunity for some one looking to play in the oldest private league. Not to mention the highest stakes and caliber of owners.