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Deep and Realistic 28-team league!!!

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  • Deep and Realistic 28-team league!!!

    I love this league!
    I need really good, smart, active and reliable owners to take over an open team in our deep dynasty baseball league. We are looking for people who can buy into our unique concept, and have the time to get up to speed on a different format. Our rules and roster management can be more challenging. These teams can be built up to compete next year, and they can also be broken down and rebuilt.

    I have two openings, potentially 3, one could be as a co-GM tandem of a playoff team, which is a great way to get a feel for this challenging league. Let me know whether or not the co-GM gig interests you.

    This is an ideal time to get in, because you will have a full offseason to build your team for 2020.

    Let me reiterate: this is not a league for casual players. But if you want a league that is different, deep, interesting, and engaging, then this league is definitely for you. Don't assume this is going to be like your other leagues. Because of the depth, every player that might end up getting an MLB cup of coffee has some value - not just the All-Stars and top prospects. So if you like sleepers, this league is your baby.


    Years in Existence: 14

    Teams: 28

    Pool: AL + NL

    Rosters: 40-man, 25 active

    Minors: 270 max (per team!!!)

    Scoring: 7x7 H2H weekly matchups

    Provider: Fantrax

    Forum: ProBoards

    Rosters: Microsoft Excel

    Contracts: realistic salary scale (not actual MLB contracts)

    Communication: Google Hangouts

    Dues: $45

    Draft 1: January (International Minor League Free Agents)

    Draft 2: August (College /High School Amateurs) (COMING UP!!!!)

    Draft 3: December (Rule 5)

    Our rules are different. We have written and rewritten our rules over the past 14 years; they are based on actual MLB rules for transactions. So you'll have option years, extensions, salary arbitration, qualifying offers, draft pick compensation, competitive balance rounds, revocable waivers, trade waivers, designation for assignment, luxury tax, free agent bidding, a restricted list, 10- and 60-day disabled lists. Fun, intriguing "meat" for fantasy baseball enthusiasts to chew on year-round. Now it does take some time to digest all the new material for most new recruits, so keep that in mind.
    So if you want a year-round, day-in, day-out fantasy baseball experience, e-mail me at, let me know a little bit about you and your interest level, and we can get started!