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1 owner needed: Auction (Phila, PA), 12 tm NL-only keeper, roto 5x5, 40 man roster

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  • 1 owner needed: Auction (Phila, PA), 12 tm NL-only keeper, roto 5x5, 40 man roster

    FILLED: 1 owner needed: Auction (Phila, PA), 12 tm NL-only keeper, roto 5x5, 40 man roster (24 active/16 reserve)

    MUndane Delaware Valley Interstate League (MUDVIL), owners in PA/MD/NJ/DC/NY

    Well established league (30+ years), competitive 12-team, NL only, 5x5 keeper roto league looking for 1 owner.
    • 2019 is an expansion year for available team
    • Expansion team is available as one of our existing owners had an unexpected conflict the night before the auction and we went with 11 teams for 2018 season.
    • MUST ATTEND Auction in person
    • Auction 9:00am Sat, Apr 6, 2019 in Phila, PA.
    • Keeper list due 12:00 midnight Sun, Mar 31, 2019
    • Keepers: 17 max (last yr 1st place-12 max, 2nd-14max, 3rd-15 max, 4th- 16 max, 5th-11th place - 17 max)
    • 24 man active roster filled with $270 auction dollars (minus keeper contracts). Contracts follow original roto C, B, A? with extension increase contract $5 per year extended.
    • 16 man reserve roster filled by 10-round reserve draft immediately following auction (minus MiLB elig keepers).
    • Weekly (Tuesday) transaction deadline
    • $100 FAAB for season
    • 5x5 Roto style: AVG, HR, RBI, SB, R, W, S, ERA, WHIP, K.
    • Fees: $54 + fees for all transactions ($150 deposit required before auction)
    • Payouts of 45%/25%/15%/10%/$54 entry fee for 1st thru 5th places.
    • Expansion Draft Format:
      • Expansion draft will consist of 2 rounds. (Dates are TBD; draft will be coordinated to commence after a short period once a new owner has joined).
      • The expansion team may select up to one (1) player from each team in each round. Existing teams currently between 25-30 players on roster.
      • Round 1 allows for existing teams to protect players on a sliding scale based on last year's final standings:
        • 1st place – 9 players: Psy Jungs
        • 2nd place – 11 players: Robber Barons
        • 3rd place – 12 players: Scott’s Turfbuilder's
        • 4th place – 13 players: Humpdog Nation
        • 5th thru 11th places – 14 players

      • Round 2 allows for existing teams to protect an additional 3 players.
      • During the expansion draft, as is the case with off-season rosters, active lineup position restrictions don’t apply but active (24) and reserve (16) limits must be adhered to.
      • For purposes of post-auction reserve draft and 1st week waiver claim tie-breakers, the new team will be treated as having placed 6th in last year’s standings.

    • If interested please reply to thread or send PM
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