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NL 4x4 looking for one new owner

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  • NL 4x4 looking for one new owner

    We are a 30 year NL 4x4 league looking for a replacement owner for 2019. The league is based in Montreal, but we have owners from both the US and Canada.

    League Configuration is 12 teams, 24 man rosters (14/10), $270 auction budget. We have used OnRoto as our stats service for years.

    We have the auction after MLB opening day and in a traditional Ultra format (I.e. 24 man active rosters and 16 man Reserve rosters). The Reserve draft is traditional serpentine draft carried out after the completion of the auction.

    Average cost for most teams runs from $500 to $750 I would say. As a long standing league we have a well documented league constitution that I can furnish for review.

    while the auction is in Montreal every year attendance is not mandatory. We have one or two owners dial into the auction due to their distance of special circumstances that pop up from year to year.

    if anyone is interested or has questions, you can reply to me here or email me at: