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co-GM needed in 28-team deep league (realistic rules set)

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  • co-GM needed in 28-team deep league (realistic rules set)

    I am looking for a fantasy baseball enthusiast to co-own an existing franchise with a founding member. The candidate must be active DAILY 365 days a year. We are looking for someone who can buy into our unique concept, and has the time to dive right in. The roster is stored on an Excel spreadsheet. I can show you the roster but only after you have checked out our league and constitution, and completed a short survey so that I know you are serious. The available roster does present its challenges. It can be built up to compete next year, and it can also be broken down and rebuilt.

    The current owner is an Admin; she doesn't have the time she once did to pour into her roster. I would like to find someone to take the reins so she can remain in the league. The highest priorities for the new owner will be managing the 40-man roster, building depth to field a team, and day-to-day lineup transactions throughout the year to account for real-life injuries, demotions, etc. Kind of like GM'ing a real MLB team!

    Let me reiterate: this is not like other leagues. But if you want a league that is different, deep, interesting, and engaging, then this might be for you!

    League Specs:

    Years in Existence: 12
    Teams: 28
    Pool: AL + NL
    Rosters: 40-man, 25 active
    Minors: 270 max (per team!!!)
    Scoring: 7x7 H2H weekly matchups
    Provider: Fantrax
    Forum: ProBoards
    Rosters: Microsoft Excel
    Contracts: MLB-based salary scale (not the actual MLB salaries)
    Communication: Google Hangouts
    Dues: $37

    Draft 1: January (International Minor League Free Agents)
    Draft 2: August (College /High School Amateurs)
    Draft 3: December (Rule 5)

    Our rules are different. We have written and rewritten our rules over the past 11 years; they are based on actual MLB rules for transactions. So you'll have option years, extensions, salary arbitration, qualifying offers, draft pick compensation, competitive balance rounds, revocable waivers, trade waivers, designation for assignment, luxury tax, free agent bidding, a restricted list, 15- and 60-day disabled lists. Fun, intriguing "meat" for fantasy baseball enthusiasts to chew on year-round. Now it does take some time to digest all the new material for most new recruits, so keep that in mind.

    So if you want a year-round, day-in, day-out fantasy baseball experience, e-mail me at, let me know a little bit about you and your interest level, and we can get started!

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    ".....she doesn't have the time she once did to pour into her roster."

    Reading this - were I interested - my question to you would be this: Just what WOULD this individual be doing on behalf of the team's "co"-management? Seems to me that it'd only be fair to those who invest their time to express interest, for you to lay out the answer to that question, and then let inquiring folks press on with contacting you.

    I can understand if she has to step away for a period of time and the situation called for a caretaker, or there was a job-related project, personal issue, etc. that was taking (what sounds like)
    a major portion of her attention and time away from the running of the team, but saying that this undertaking was being done "so she can remain in the league" is vague and should be more clearly explained up front.

    I'm the founder/commissioner of a league that has been around for going on season # 32 in 2019, and we've never faced a situation like this. Twelve years is a nice, solid foundation for your league. All I'm conveying is my opinion that you have to provide guys and gals more information, than what is currently out there.

    Good luck in your search!
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