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  • Strat-O-Matic & other baseball games

    Anyone playing the computer-based version of S-O-M? How does it compare to the board version?

    Unfortunately, I believe S-O-M still is not available on a Mac. Can anyone recommend any Mac-based baseball games?


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    I was an avid fan of the SOM board game back in the day and loved getting a new set of cards and being able to flip through them and see how some of my favorite players' cards looked, their SB ratings, HR rolls, etc.

    With that said, there is certainly an advantage to the computer game, in that you can replay a whole season in much shorter time.

    I replayed the 1981 season using the board game for just one team and it took forever--having to compile stats, not to mention the time it took to actually complete 162 games.

    The computer game, from what I remember (I haven't played it in a while), allows you to complete a game in much shorter time, compiles all the stats for you and you can have the computer simulate a whole season in a matter of minutes. What I really liked is that, you can replay a full season, letting the computer simulate all the games except for the one(s) you choose to "manage", like the ones involving your favorite team(s). You can also play with a simulated dice roll and still have the ability to view the player cards on screen.

    So, while I still like the old fashioned board game, I think the computer game is just as good while still keeping the board game alive (in spirit, at least).
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      I still remember getting my first SOM game in 1967 and playing it until I practically wore out the cards. It was a 5-team set, including the Red Sox (Yaz!), Tigers, Cards & Giants. Can't recall the 5th team! Anyway, the computer version sounds great, except that I have a Mac, which i believe is still not compatible.

      Does the computer version not only play an entire season quickly, but also maintain stats?

      Are you aware of any other computer-based baseball games, especially any that run on Macs?



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        Yes, the computer version compiles the stats for you.

        The only other baseball computer game that I kinda liked was Baseball Mogul, but its Windows only too.
        12 Team 5X5 NL-Only Auction Keeper League, $280 Cap, 14 hitters, 11 pitchers