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SERIOUS PLAYER ONLY needed for 12 man,5X5,H2H. Very involved caring League Manager.

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  • SERIOUS PLAYER ONLY needed for 12 man,5X5,H2H. Very involved caring League Manager.

    This league is run by a good friend of mine. We are in need of a new owner. We unfortunately lost an owner last year, don't worry he is fine nothing happened. Well he got married sooooo? He may not be all right! LOL But I digress.

    The league is 10 years old and have all fantasy sports nuts in it in. It's an extremely competitive and active league. People post all the time. Just don't be a dick is the main rule, we see that kinda stuff enough on the news.

    So look fellas and ladies if you want to have a fun summer in a league that's very competitive. Just leave a comment on here or message me on here.

    League parameters:

    5 Hitting


    5 Pitching


    Waiver system is if you don't use a waiver claim you move up the list. If you use a waiver claim you go back to the end of the line. *Full disclosure I am against this, but I get filibustered every freaking time! But again I digress.

    To piggy back off the last statement. Reason why the waiver system is the way it is? The number one reason this league is awesome in my opinion. The league votes on all changes! I mean everything. The League manager for this league is Alex. Lives in NYC born there as well. Great guy, even for a Yankees fan, don't blame him he was born into it.

    This league manager is so active and really cares about the league. He will contact you and just chat with you. Find out what your expectations are and get to know you. It's not a strict interrogation or anything. More of a meet and greet. I have managed fantasy football league for over 20 years and run it the same way. When the league is run by a top notch LM the league does nothing but prosper. Alex is a great LM and it shows in this league.

    Draft Is March 24th Saturday 8:30 or 9:00 Pm on ESPN.

    Auction $275 Starting purse. 2 Keepers for 1 years only, meaning you get the player the year you draft them and the next then no matter what they go back into the pool. This way everyone gets at least a chance to have the Kershaws and Trouts of the fantasy baseball world.

    The team you would take over I'm sorry but I don't have the players that would be Keeper worthy.

    Well that's about it fellas/ladies. I hope to hear from you soon.

    lastly, if your a flake and are not serious PLEASE don't respond or waste peoples time. Please don't do that. Serious players only!

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    What are the league fees and prizes?
    All I want out of life is that when I walk down the street, folks will say, "There goes the greatest hitter who ever lived."

    Ted Williams


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      Damn thought I added that. Good catch, thanks.

      $100.00 Buy in.

      $600.00 to World Series Winner
      $200.00 to 2nd place

      $200.00 for Categories. What are those you ask?

      We give out at the end of the year $20.00 who ever wins the categories. Meaning if for a 1 week matchup you hit 30 HR lets say. That 30 HR for 1 week matchup is not broken? You win $20.00. Its a mini game is what we call them. Its a great way for people to stay involved if they are having a down year. I know its only $20.00 but hey, at least its something.

      So the $200.00 goes towards 5 Hitting and 5 Pitching categories.


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        Also anyone who would appreciate this. We have a guy from San Diego, New Mexico, 2 from Pittsburgh ( I'm one of those two), 2 from Chicago, Baltimore, NYC .

        So basically we all know each other in some form or fashion but we are literally coast to coast. Team elegancies all over the map. That makes it fun if you ask me.