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  • Ground Floor Opportunity

    I'm putting out feelers to see if I can find enough interest in a new salary cap, keeper fantasy baseball league. Figured, this would be the best place to start.
    1) There will be a fee for the cost of the site - it will be on CBS - so it will be $150/Number of Owners
    2) There will no be prize money, or any transaction cost
    3) You will be allowed to keep as many players as you want but - there will be a salary increase for each player kept - the amount of the increase will depend on their current salary..$1-$10 +3, $11-$19 +$5, $20-$30 $7, $31+ +10
    4) Both leagues, daily lineups.
    5) Will be using points (Still working out Scoring)
    6) Live auction (duh) draft
    7) Daily waivers (rather than FA's)
    8) Want at least 12 owners to start

    Questions? Interested? Feel free to reply