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High-End Owners Wanted for Most In-Depth 30-Team League Ever Seen (Starting New)

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  • High-End Owners Wanted for Most In-Depth 30-Team League Ever Seen (Starting New)

    This is a 30-team Virtual MLB League that will truly blow you away. It was created by a former interim GM who used it for analytics, then turned it into a fantasy game, and is officially opening a new league for this upcoming season (it had been in beta until now).

    It has absolutely everything from MLB and is really the most in-depth league out there: Rule 5 Draft, 40-Man Rosters, Full Minor League System, Contract Negotiations, Arbitration, and obviously, Batting Lineups and Pitching Rotations. Another interesting facet is that you get a full 162-game schedule that is played during the real-life regular season (like all fantasy leagues) and mimics whatever team you own in terms of schedule, opponent, and rainouts.

    Each all 30 franchise rosters were locked as of 11/20/17. That means Ohtani is still available and the rMarlins haven't been blown up yet. All of us owners are obviously itching to get started, which is why we are all spreading the word.

    Of course with all this detail, there is a cost involved, and it isn't cheap but, I'll share what has sold others’ on this league.

    You are buying a team and not a league. There are no league dues and, once the team is paid off, there are no other required fees. So, since this is a long-term investment, you could realistically win money every single year without putting in another dime. And there are a lot of payment plans in case you wanted to space it out like a normal league.

    Finally, the tipping point for most people was that there are like 20 different ways to make money throughout the year and, every single team won some money back in last year's version. There are pay outs for "best farm system," "rivalry series," and a bunch of other ways. Obviously, winning the division and World Series are the goals, but it helps others bite-the-bullet knowing that they can chip away at their investment every year. There is also the possibility of reselling your franchise (or selling off shares of it) down the road.

    Bottom line: this place is running one league that is close to MLB as it gets, and those that have signed on can't wait for it to begin. I'm positive there are other crazy people like me out there who are looking for the most in-depth experience possible, so let me know if you want more information. Email me at or contact me on here.

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    What is the cost?


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      Send an email to to hear about the cost and more. Thank you