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1 Opening in 2nd Year Points-Based H2H Dynasty League

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  • 1 Opening in 2nd Year Points-Based H2H Dynasty League

    Need to fill 1-spot now...also looking to establish a waiting list for future expansion in one league...and reserving spaces for a second or start-up league...

    The Branch Rickey Memorial Dynasty Baseball League (BRML) is a new brand of fantasy baseball. (Note: The second or start-up league will be similar) Its intent is to emulate as much realism as possible. Its format is H2H, points-based, and daily games with a 102-game regular season schedule, a best of 7 World Series, and a 20-day version of the Arizona Fall League. High impact performances win. If you have envisioned a league where scoring bias and MLB team days off did not significantly impact results...if you have envisioned a league where your decision making would be high impact day in and day out...if you have envisioned a league that more closely emulated real major league baseball...if you have envisioned a league where your team could build value...if you have envisioned a league that will completely challenge your fantasy baseball prowess...then you have found it.

    3. Your 40-Man Roster has significance in the BRML. These players are protected from the Rule 5 Draft and possible league expansion drafts. These are the players who receive raises during the off-season. These are the players with whom you may lock into long-term contracts if you wish.
    5. The BRML has a Revocable Waivers process for post-trade deadline trades that tracks MLB procedures closely.
    9. Defense and speed matter in this league. An OF with a strong arm can win a tight game for you in this league. Guys who hit triples, steal bases, and score runs can make also make a difference.
    10. You must select only 1 SP for every game. If you pick the wrong SP on any given day, you will likely lose your game unless your batters pick up the slack.

    How much time does this league take?How much cash is involved?

    No decisions have been about cash yet. When the league is fully established, we agree as a group on the cash requirements. Eventually, I envision at least enough cash involved to make it interesting. Cash involvement also helps secure team owner commitment.

    If you dyed in the wool Goto then maybe this league is of no interest to you. But if you are looking for something to really scratch your competitive itch and you really want to put your baseball prowess to the test, then I encourage you to CHECK THIS OUT! Email me at and I will send you additional details.


    Steven R Hyland
    Branch Rickey Memorial Dynasty Baseball Leag