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2 Available teams & New league forming! (Salary-based, Keeper, Categorical H2H)

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  • 2 Available teams & New league forming! (Salary-based, Keeper, Categorical H2H)

    Howdy y'all,

    I'm *Will and I'm here to promote 2 separate leagues. One league is already formed and with a great commish and very active owners. I've been in many leagues with capable owners from BBHQ for years and I look forward to challenging even more in the following leagues.

    After reading the below info for each league, shoot me an email with which of the leagues/teams you're interested in, background info on yourself and Fantasy Baseball experience, any questions you may have before you get more involved, and I'll help get you signed up!

    My email is: William Roy 87 @ gmail . com [No spaces of course].

    USE Email *not PM*

    The other is just beginning, with another very attentive and reasonable commish.

    Both leagues are very similar in some ways...and currently hosted on the same message board in addition to Fantrax (Although since the former webmaster of the forum site appears to have disappeared we may eventually move message boards to one of mine. Fortunately, he wasn't involved in running any of these leagues). Here's a breakdown of each:

    1st league: Baseball Tonight

    -Established Roto 6x6 league (Not H2H->Yearlong!)

    Rules Sub-forum:

    (The two available teams are NYY --->Top-heavy MLB team with a bit less depth (Kershaw, Altuve, Keuchel, Amed Rosario) / And Milwaukee (good staff, young team, some big names on MiLB too like Brendan Rodgers).

    *Note that extending players is generally a good idea because it's almost always at reasonable rates. Check out the rules and these values ( for more info. Basically you take the highest ranked year within the past two seasons and check their fantrax ranking against the corresponding number at each position.
    **The commishes are both gracious to new owners and happy to help! (as am I).


    2nd league: National Pastime: (Currently at 17 teams if I remember right, ideally 24 but will consider starting at 20 as well).

    *** Coolest thing about this new startup league is that the inaugural draft salaries are based on REAL major league salaries! -With player options converting to Team Opts - & Commish created a spreadsheet with all of the salaries for reference and it's quite accurate)

    Full Rules Sub-Forum:

    24 team league
    7x7 Head 2 Head Cats league
    40 MLB, 25 minors rosters

    Hitting- R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, WOBA,
    Pitching- QS, SV/HLD, K, ERA, WHIP, HR/9

    $60 per team per year.

    • 12 teams make playoffs (6 from each league). Top 2 from AL and NL get byes

    • MIN IP per week of 20ip, Min AB of 60ab or you will lose all ratio categories

    • Must have roster space in order to bid on a player

    • Draft will include all rookies, international players AND July 2 signees. Adds value to draft picks and makes it more fair on everyone.
      • Draft will be 5 rounds each year

    • Players lose eligibility to be in the minors at same point as MLB rookie guidelines
      • 130 At bats, 50 innings pitched
      • Once players reach these limits they must be called up immediately or roster is illegal and stats will not be counted

    • Minor league positions DO NOT count toward these limits. Rookies/prospects will assume their primary position until they gain MLB eligibility elsewhere
    • Players signed to p-n/a prospect contracts cannot be traded for 60 days in the offseason and 30 days in season
      • All other players may be traded at any time.

    • Suspended players are NOT eligible for DL

    3.) Not a true dynasty, you can carryover 35 MLB and 20 Minors per season.
    • Keepers must be declared by November 1 (end of the MLB World Series)
    • Any players with salaries over $5m per year will carry penalties if not kept to prevent over inflating salaries or offering long-term deals to older players or those not worth of contract.
      • Contracts between 5-8m per year will carry cap hits of $2m per year for the length of the contract if not kept.
      • Contract over between 8-12m per year will carry cap hits of $3m per year
      • Contracts over 12.1m per year will carry cap hits of $5m per year for duration of contract

    Any players can be released in season and carry cap hits of 90%/60%/30% for the entire fantasy season if dropped in season.

    4.) Salaries
    All contracts and statuses are as of Nov 1 2018. Any player signed or extended by 11/1 will have the contract count.
    Google doc will be updated with salaries before draft begins.

    Start-Up contract terms:
    1. Players with an MLB contract for 2018 and beyond will have that contract count. Salaries are variable like real life and will be rounded up to nearest 100,000
    2. Players still under prospect deals will inherit those.
      1. This is a $500,000 contract that lasts 3 seasons after a player surpases 40 IP and 50 games played for hitters.

    3. Any player who has exceeded this limit but does not have a contract will receive a 2 year deal at their projected arb salary by MLB Trade rumors

    4. Free agents this upcoming offseason will not be eligible for the draft. These players will be available in free agency only.

    * All team and player options are converted to team options in National Pastime.

    *Nota Bene: This is Will (Roy) (Mike's son) / Not Mike. Just a heads-up!
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    Updated available teams for Pastime. Now NYY and Milwaukee (to be clear, teams not based on real life mlb teams).

    Also, BTN (Baseball Tonight) is NOT h2h Roto, it's year-long roto : D