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4th year 20-team Dynasty League openings (3)

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  • 4th year 20-team Dynasty League openings (3)

    ****UPDATE 11/29/17 NOW FULL ******

    Hi all,
    If you are a baseball addict with at least several years roto experience then read on. I'm commish of a 4th year 20 team dynasty league, 6 x 6 with 4 openings, 1 just filled, as we head into 2018. This league is active and has a great group of core owners.
    This is not a beginners league, rather a great hybrid dynasty/keeper/draft league I created based on a mix of rules I liked most since starting in Roto 4x4 AL league way back in 1988! Each year we've had 2-3 openings that get filled prior to New Years and the new teams are always competitive based on our progressive expansion rules that I built into our constitution. Anyone coming into the league can compete immediately depending on their strategy. $$$-For this year new owners will draft from the open rosters of the 4 open teams and they are packed with stars (Betts, Springer, Benintendi, Happ, Bogaerts, Kimbrel, Greinke, etc.), above average dynasty MLB starters and top 100 type minors, see deeper sampling list of available players below. Every team will have a solid core of guys to start with. I aim to fill the remaining 3 spots before the holidays with baseball addicts like you trolling message boards in the fall searching for that baseball fix. Those are exactly the type of owners we are looking for to join.

    A quick overview: Each team can protect 25 MLB and minors players in any combination and then we do a redraft each year (date is TBD, typically a Sat or Sun ranging from late Feb. to just before opening day-we'll do a doodle poll and pick a date based on best availability, we have owners in 4 different time zones!) The draft is online right within CBS sportslines draft room and is done all in one day, typically about 6 hours with breaks. We start early morning and its based on previous year's standings non snaking, 30 rounds until we all have full starting lineups, 10 MLB reserves, and 20 minors. We have a solid core group of 15 or so owners who all contribute to making this work well each year! The draft is from the complete pool of rest of the unprotected rosters including unkept minors ending with 55 total players for each team, 20 of which are farms/minors. This format allows teams to pursue different strategies..maximizing MLB keeper talent to compete immediately vs opposite end of the spectrum where owners might keep mostly minors talent to build for long term run in 2+ years. We run the league on CBS Sportsline and the expansion draft date will be as set as soon as we will teams where they can draft from the open rosters. We are going to hold a draft for all new owners to fill out rosters. Plenty of star players available off the open rosters: Bogaerts, Odor, Benintendi, Betts, Gallo, JAbreu, ADiaz, Thames, BRodgers, Drury, Dickerson, IHapp, Kimbrel, Gray, Stroman, Carrasco, Tucker, Ables, EEncarnacion, Longoria, Segura, Dozier, Springer, EDiaz, CMartinez, Acuna, McCullers, Mejia, Carpenter, Castro, Candelario, CGonzalez, Lamb, Greinke, Cobb, Brinson, Jupton, Olson, Nola, LTaveras, and many more. The player pool is loaded and all teams should be able to be competitive if they draft well and wheel and deal. Email or PM me for more info and I can share a link to full league rules and answer any questions. The fee is $250 per team with payouts 1-6th and for category winners, all through done securely through leaguesafe. FUnds distributed at end of season by simple majority league vote so no funny business. Each new owner will be asked to make a $100 deposit via leaguesafe upon acceptance into league. Email me at
    Thanks for reading-Gregg
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