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3 Spots Left - December Draft & Hold (50 round, 15tm mixed). Draft starts 12-2-17

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  • 3 Spots Left - December Draft & Hold (50 round, 15tm mixed). Draft starts 12-2-17

    Hi guys - only 3 spots left. Great group of players who have been playing together for a handful of years now.
    Rules are as follows:
    The Jr Circuit December Draft & Hold League:

    Teams will compete for accumulative stats in five offensive and five pitching categories, with each category weighted equally. The Categories will be:
    For Hitters:

    For Pitchers

    Teams will be ranked from 1st to 15th based upon the cumulative total of their categorical rotisserie points. Example: The team with the most Home Runs will receive 15 points, the next highest 14 points, etc. This process is repeated for each of the 10 categories and the final standings will be determined by the order in which teams finish in the overall cumulative rotisserie standings.
    Online Draft, Fees & Prizes:
    The JRC December Draft & Hold League will use a slow-draft process executed on beginning Saturday December 2nd, 2017 at 8:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time. The entry fee for the December league will be set at $100.00 and will be collected through 100% of the money collected will be distributed to the top 4 finishers, as follows:
    Total Prize Pool: $1,500.00
    1st Place Prize: $750.00
    2nd Place Prize: $375.00
    3rd Place Prize: $225.00
    4th Place Prize: $150.00

    Each team must start a weekly lineup of 23 players with required positions and maintain a reserve roster (which includes DL players) of 27 players. During the draft, a team does NOT have to fill their starting 23-man roster before selecting reserve players. Example: By round 15, a team has 5 outfielders and an outfielder in their DH/UTIL spot. This team could still draft an outfielder and place them on their reserve roster, even if say their MI or a pitcher roster spot was still open on their starting 23-man roster.
    Any player available in the FanTrax Draft Room/Player Pool is eligible to be drafted during the 50-round slow-draft.

    Commissioner Decisions: All decisions made by the commissioner are final. These decisions could include eligibility rules, lineups, etc., and by signing up for the league and paying the entry fee, participants/team owners accept the unbiased ruling of the commissioner.
    Kentucky Derby Style Pre-Draft Preferences:

    Roster Requirements:
    All teams must have 50 players at all times.
    Starting Lineup Requirements:

    There is a 1000 innings pitched minimum requirement. If a team fails to reach 1000 innings pitched by the end of the season, that team will receive 1 point in both the ERA and WHIP category. If more than one team fails to meet this requirement, they will share the lowest possible total in both ERA and WHIP. No other team will move up in the ERA/WHIP categories in the event that a team fails to reach this requirement.
    Position Eligibility:
    We will use the following position eligibility rules for 2018:

    League Mangement:
    Owners can to manage their rosters and view the league home page.
    Lineup Submission:
    The weekly deadline for setting your lineup is Monday, 5 minutes before the start of the first scheduled game of that week.
    Free Agents:
    There are no free agent adds in this league. The players you acquire in December, are the players you have all year.
    Are not allowed.
    Are not available once the first pick of the slow-draft has occurred. If you decide to leave the league after the draft has started, the entry fee is forfeited and the roster will be auto-drafted.
    If questions or concerns arise, FaxTrax League Homepage has a message board that can be used to communicate. Also, if any details have been omitted from this constitution, the league preference/settings tab can be referred to and are final.
    My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)

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    I'm interested, please send me a link to
    16 team, 5x5 Mixed, snake draft, non keeper
    10 team, 5x5 Mixed, snake draft, non keeper


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      Im interested.
      All I want out of life is that when I walk down the street, folks will say, "There goes the greatest hitter who ever lived."

      Ted Williams


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        Sorry for the late response - I must have forgotten to subscribe to this thread, so I only checked notifications earlier today and yesterday.

        This particular league has since filled. I play with people who run 5 more of these throughout the winter, so I could always PM you when those spots come open if interested.

        Again, sorry for the delayed response.

        My team: 10-Team AL-Only Keeper: 5x5 (OBP & K-BB)


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          No Problem. Good Luck
          All I want out of life is that when I walk down the street, folks will say, "There goes the greatest hitter who ever lived."

          Ted Williams