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  • Projecting a new player?

    I was wondering about the process whereby the projections for a new player go up on the site. The specific example that got me wondering about this is Franchy Cordero, but I'm really just interested in general.

    On May 27, Manuel Margot was placed on the DL with an injury. On May 28, there's an item in PT Today noting that Cordero has been called up to get "the bulk" of the starts in Margot's absence. Margot's PT has been marked down by 10% and all of it is going to Cordero. On the same day, a scouting report for Cordero appears on the Call-Ups page.

    On June 2, I ran a CDG and saw that Cordero was not included. I looked at his Playerlink page and saw that there was no projection for him, although it correctly included his YTD stats.

    On June 4, I looked again and saw that he is still not in the CDG and still has no projection on the Playerlink page. This time I also looked at the team depth chart page, and saw that Cordero has been bumped up to 20% playing time. That suggests to me that the PT process runs ahead of the projection process. I'm curious to know how long it takes to get a projection established for a player on the site -- that is, how much patience should we be exercising before we see it? Or should I already have figured out that there's a hitch in the individual process and flag it for you all to fix?