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  • contradictions?

    Hiya! In looking at the Pitcher Match Up Tool, we see that Ty Blach should be awesome this week. He gets a positive 3.30! Yet his write up shows him to be "blah"

    we read in the Brian Rudd's Double Dippin column today that Jimmy Nelson is "likely worth using" in his 2 starts but the player link write up on Nelson shows him as a horrible roster choice. And the Pitcher Match Up tool also suggests one look elsewhere -even though his first game this week is at San Diego.

    The match up tool also shows Joe Ross starting this week but I can't find any news about his impending call up.

    No complaints really, just confusion. If the site is going to give contradictory advice, it makes choices that much more difficult.
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    The structure of the SP Matchups is that the writers will disagree with the ratings from time to time. Blach is a good example, that rating is garbage because it's based on 15 IP from last September.

    New SP tool coming soon will iron out a lot of this stuff. Almost there...