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CDG - Only league data for league switchers?

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  • CDG - Only league data for league switchers?

    I have a feeling I know the answer to this question, so I guess I'm just looking for confirmation.

    I used the CDG to generate year-end stats for my NL-only league. But none of the players who started the year in the NL and ended in the AL (e.g. Shields, Pomeranz) are showing up in this file. The file does contain full-season stats for AL-to-NL players (e.g. Chapman, Reddick), so I am guessing that those NL-to-AL players are going to be in the AL-only file. Is there any box to check that will generate NL-only stats for league-switchers (both the Shieldses and the Chapmans)? Or is manual the only way to go on this?


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    Yeah, manual is the answer here. Sorry.


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      Dredging this up to ask a related question. For some reason I thought I made these manual adjustments by finding the split stats on the site. But I don't see them in PlayerLink. Where should I look for these?

      (I am dreading the possibility that you are going to tell me "Well, you can look up when he got traded, go to the weekly log, and add them together manually...")


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        Hi Jon... which split stats in Playerlink? The stats only relevant to their NL team? Yeah, we don't have those split out here. Maybe you (gasp) went to bb-ref or something and got them there?


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          Well, I guess that's what I'm doing *now*...

          Thanks, Ray.


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            What are you thanking me for? That was among my most useless answers around here. Sorry...


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              Well, first of all I'm thanking you for the act of responding, rather than the quality of your response. My mom taught me to say, always, please and thank you.

              Second, you at least suggested an alternative. So that's better than a shrug.

              Third, I can't thank you for winning either of my leagues (I finished fifth and sixth), like all the cool kids are doing.


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                Ha. Now I feel like I need to send you a fruit basket or something.