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Pdf Format of Baseball Forecaster - Version 2

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  • Pdf Format of Baseball Forecaster - Version 2

    For some reason I could not reply to your answer so i am starting a new thread.

    Thank you Ray. I thought I was going crazy this morning and questioned whether it was real or a dream last night when I saw it. I actually downloaded it on my laptop and read some pages. So when I came into my office early and saw that it was gone, I was confused. It looked great to me and another wealth of great information. I am thankful for a lot of goodness in my life and now i know i will be thankful for the pdf version coming out later today before Thanksgiving. Any idea when it might be ready for general use again today?? Thank you for everything - this is the best source for all of us and it isn't even close.

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    How will we be notified? And how do we get access? Thanks


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      It will be posted here on the site later today, and I'll send out an email as well. Note that the ONLY people who get access to this are those who have annual standing orders for the book.

      Sorry for pulling it back... just so you know what happened: we had it prepped to post on the site later today. But today's the day we actually get the printed proof of the book back from the printer, which is our last chance to make any needed corrections. So I don't want to distribute until we've gone through that review, just in case we make any last second changes.