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Need Forum Password same as Login

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  • Need Forum Password same as Login

    I've tried to get this changed for several years. I have to login to the forum using a separate password. Can you change my forum login info to my BHQ site login info please?

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    Go here to edit your forum password:


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      Is it always necessary to login to the forum, can it not be automatic access once I've logged in to BHQ? If not can I change both my ID and password to be the same as the BHQ login ID/PWD? The link you provided allows password update and email update, not forum ID update (my forum ID is not my email address). Thanks


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        The accounts are separate, unfortunately. We can't automatically log you into the forums once you log into HQ. But if you check the 'remember me' box here in the forums when you enter your username/password, you should only have to log in every few weeks (or even less).

        If you want your forum ID changed, send me a private message (or email customer support) and we'll take care of that.