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  • Whit Merrifield News tab lacking links

    Not sure if this is the proper forum for this...
    last weekend I was going over my pickups and looking for BaseballHQ nuggets on Whit Merrifield. There wasn't much, if anything, under the news tab on his player page at the time. Knowing he's 27, I wasn't surprised that he wasn't listed as a Royals prospect in their organizational report. I went elsewhere to get the info I needed, then I put in a mildly aggressive bid on him for a fantasy team that was in great need of speed and I landed him. Fast-forward to today...

    In today's PT Tomorrow column, author Mike Shears referenced his own March 17th PT Tomorrow column where Merrifield got significant mention as someone Ned Yost tabbed in spring as a dark-horse 2B candidate. Shears also linked Merrifield's mention in the May 19th Callups column. Somehow neither of these are linked, even today, under Merrifield's news tab history, and both of these are really helpful pieces of writing on this player. Wondering why they aren't archived on Merrifield's page.

    Thanks for your help. It seems a shame that HQ did such a good job covering this player but the info isn't as easily accessible as it should be.
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    Yeah, that's an unfortunate tale. Sorry about that.

    The way it works with PLink, in short: news items about the specific player (from PTToday, Facts/Flukes, Callups, SP and Batters Buyers Guides) end up in Playerlink.

    Other articles like the PTTomorrows and the Bullpen Buyers Guide, which are frequently more team-level/multi-player focused rather than individually focused, don't end up in PLink.... the item is often tangentially related to a lot of players, and ends up cluttering PLink more than providing insight.

    The workaround is a simple one, though: on the top right of the home page, under the "Search Playerlink" box, is a "Search HQ" box. That box searches all of the sites article content for the string you enter. If you popped Merrifield's name into that box, you would have gotten back all of the articles in which he was mentioned.

    Edit: except that March 17 article, which apparently doesn't come back in a search (I just tried it). I'll look into that.

    Sorry for the inconvenience here. It's definitely something we can do better with.


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      Thanks. I'll keep this tip in mind - and I did get Merrfield so it's not too unfortunate. Unless you think he stinks. : D Time will tell on that one. Thanks Ray.
      2015 NFBC Main Event League Champ (6th in Overall)


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        I'm on the bandwagon myself.