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Variance in custom auction values

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  • Variance in custom auction values


    This is my first year doing an auction draft, and I'm beyond excited! In building my projected values, I'm using HQ and a different site, let's call it Frangaffes. The odd thing is that I've put in the same values for the league into the two different value generators, and come up with wildly different results....for example, Trout on HQ comes out valued at $46 and in the other site at $87, Kershaw varies from $48 to $75 (my league has a $395 budget - don't ask). Obviously I expect differences between sites given projection variability, but that it a bit excessive. I've double-checked my entries and the info is exactly the same on both sites - is there something I'm missing? The values on the other site more closely match the prices that are paid in my league historically, so I'm concerned I'm doing something wrong here.


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    There's definitely something amiss. Of course I can't tell you what migth be wrong at that other site... but if you post all of your settings here, we can review them. A screenshot of your inputs would be ideal.


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      Will do, thanks!


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        Hi Ray,

        I've attached screen shots. Thanks for your offer to help. From what I can tell, the only difference between the two is I can't enter net wins as a category on Fangraphs, but that really shouldn't make too much of a difference. On the FG page, the relevant column is the "Dollars" column - the adjusted number is based on keepers being included in valuation.

        FG screen shot.jpg
        HQ Screen Shot Settings.jpg
        HQ Screen Shot Values.jpg


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          Cut bench players to 0. 10 is an enormous effect on the player pool. You should only put bench players > 0 if you pay auction dollars for your bench. If you draft them in a reserve round, make them zero.

          That will move the $1 player line up quite a bit, which frees up dollars for the better players.

          Change from "balanced" to "top players" too.


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            Will do, thanks for your help!


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              Voila. Goldy at $84. Thanks again.