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    So if I go to the home page and type "Pompey" into the "Search HQ" field just below the Playerlink search, one article I most certainly do not see returned is Jock Thompson's 2016 Dynasty Reload on AL OFs from Jan 6th. Coincidentally, if I take another random name from that article - Max Kepler - I don't see that article in the list returned either. In fact, if I take a number of names from the Dynasty Reload series and put them into the search field I don't get many of the series of articles showing.

    This may be fine for the young kids on the site who automatically recall where information was stored but those of us who, er, who, um, hold on a moment... whose memory isn't as good as it used to be need some help when we see a name and the brain goes "You've read some vital information about him very recently. Nope, not going to tell you where."

    Please can the Dynasty Reload and Market Pulse articles be indexed to the search to help us old folks? Paradoxically, a search for "Cron" will bring back the Dynasty Reload for 1B but not the Market Pulse article C.J. is also featured in.


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    Unfortunately, it's not as easy as indexing. The problem is that the search tool has a really annoying bug where it can't search hyperlinked content. So, since we usually hyperlink player's names, those get excluded from the search. If you search last name only, you'll have better luck... as the writer generally repeats the last name somewhere else in the writeup.


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      As it happens I always search last name only, which would explain why I get some hits and not others.

      On second thoughts, and with great respect Ray, that can't be right because all the Market Pulse articles start with a list of players at that position. So Carter should return the MP for 1B as Chris Carter is in the table. So is Miggy Cabrera, yet a search for Cabrera brings back the SS Market Pulse (for Asdrubal) but not the 1B article which lists Miggy.

      Curiouser and curiouser...

      Pah, I blame USA Today.