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  • Just wanted to make sure

    Ray - the last posting on my scree when i log in dated 10/28 on Speculative keepers. I realize we are in off season mode and information will not come out regularly until after the 1st of the year but it was my recollection that you guys put something out every week and it has now been 2 weeks. That is why I asked whether my subscription was active because I thought something was posted every week. Thank you


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    Yes, I've gotten a few questions about this. We just got a little too behind with the book and then the Arizona conference last week. I think we'll have a new article tomorrow (I just finished writing it), a couple next week, and then the org reports get cooking around Thanksgiving. So yes, this has been the darkest period of the year... and darker than we intended. But it's just about over.

    Thanks for your patience.