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Enrique Burgos Missing from CDG Run

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  • Enrique Burgos Missing from CDG Run

    Any reason he wouldn't show up? I can see him in Playerlink, but he's not in my CDG run. I did a Ctl-f search with "Bur" and with "Enri" and he's just not there. I imagine he'll be worth less with my 4x4 settings than his R$ in Playerlink, but I'd still like to see where he sorts out.
    10 Team, 14+9, NL Only, 4x4, 2-Year Ultra League (draft year, final year if not signed, back to draft pool), Up to 12 Keepers

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    Looking into it. Needs a projected IP bump for sure, that may help... though I'm not sure why the low IP projection would keep him out of the CDG output altogether. We'll bump first and see if that helps. If it doesn't, we'll dig in further.