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  • Time Elapsed for Playing Time Updates

    Just wondering what the elapsed time is in the playing time updates showing through to depth charts and projections.

    Looking at the Toronto OF as an example. Pompey was demoted Friday and Carrera was called up. Today, there is a write up in PT Today, but as of this morning the depth chart PT% and the Player Link PT% are unchanged.

    Thanks in advance for laying out the update timeline.
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    They have been changed. You can see the changes denoted in today's PTToday column. Always keep in mind that our projections are for balance-of-season... so, when Pompey gets sent down, we don't zero out his playing time. We expect him to be back, which is why we still have him at 60% PT for the balance of the season. There will of course be more updates there, maybe not always reflected in PTToday, as we see how Pompey rebounds in AAA, how the other guys do in the TOR OF, etc. But Pompey's not likely gone from the Jays for the season, so he's not gone from our projections either.