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Addition of link to player's Playerlink page in forum player discussions

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  • Addition of link to player's Playerlink page in forum player discussions

    Forgive me if this has been suggested before, I tried a forum search and didn't see this suggestion so am posting it here....For threads focusing on single player it would be nice if there were a link attached to the thread to the player's PLayerlink page. I realize it may be cumbersome for long threads that start bringing in discussion of other players to include all players discussed, but if the forum rules/standard operating procedure were to add a link to the primary player under discussion whenever a new player thread is started, it would be nice to have a link at the top of each page or somewhere convenient. I know it's not hard to go find the player's page so this isn't a crucial improvement so treat this as a "nice-to-have". Not sure if there is an easy way to facilitate this for a thread author (thinking of a player lookup button to easily add the link or something similar) or if this is just an education task to teach authors how to post a link. This might also avoid the issue where posts refer to a Cabrera or Jones and you have figure which one they are referring to.

    This is a minor nit, the forums are great. I don't post often to avoid getting into the countless little petty arguments that take place, but enjoy reading them as an observer.

    thanks and keep up the good work

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    Whether it could be done automatically or not (I'm guessing no) I think it would be a nice practice if forum posters did it manually the first time a player is mentioned in a thread. I'll try doing this from now on. Nice idea, DKam.