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  • Starting Pitcher Report Question

    The past few days I have seen a couple of pitchers (Dice-K, Stroman) who were rated highly for their starts; however, they have only had two starts previously. How should I interpret such scenarios? Should I dismiss the rating due to its sample size, accept it but with little a grain of salt, or treat it as accurate?
    20 Team 7x7 Roto-- 2 catchers. 1-game in season eligibility

    BATTING: AVG| OBP| R| HR| RBI| SB-CS| TB+SB (homers = 2 points, not 4)
    PITCHING: ERA| Whip| W-L| K/9| QS+CG| Holds| S-BS

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    Sample size is definitely a key issue. Most guys who have been in rotations all year have grown their sample size to the point where you can trust it. But you should definitely be skeptical of those DiceK/Stroman examples.