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When are projections updated?

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  • When are projections updated?

    I want to use the CDG to generate $ values and then start planning but if a weekly update is coming soon I'll wait. My auction is this weekend.

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    Continually. Seriously, just about every day there will be a tweak here or there as news comes in.

    But basically as the playing time picture solidifies in spring training, the projections settle down. If you run them today, they problem won't change much by the weekend unless a Medlen-type situation happens.

    But it doesn't hurt to wait if you want to be absolutely sure. / @NickRichardsHQ


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      thanks. I'll go ahead and use today's projections and manually adjust Medlen and anyone else that has a big change in the next couple days.


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        Yeah, I think we're just waiting on official word re: Medlen. The one thing we try to avoid is yo-yoing a projection up and down based on speculation. We'll wait for the hard news and update once.

        The part of the projections updates that is still manual is the team changers. So Ervin Santana's projection hasn't been updated for Atlanta yet. That will come in the next day or so.


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          Any idea what kind of bump Santana sees?


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            Just guessing without looking at it yet, but I don't think it will result in a bump. Maybe in Wins, but not ratios. He's still baselined as a Royal, so the KC-to-Atl move is going to be pretty neutral, I suspect. But he won't get hurt as badly as he would have been in going to BAL or TOR.


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              Santana got more of a bump than I expected. Move to NL is good for him. New projection posted.