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  • CDG into Excel on Mac

    I'm trying to copy my CDG output into Excel and I'm not having success following these instructions:
    When copying/pasting results from the Draft Guide to Excel, choose Paste Special (then choose Text format) in Excel to get the tabular data to appear properly in the spreadsheet.
    All my data is going into one cell. Any ideas why I'm having this problem? I'm working on a Mac, if that makes a difference.

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    Is it going into one column, but multiple rows? Or is it all going into cell A1?

    If it's the former, then that's how it usually works for me. The next step is to use Data | Text To Columns so that each data element goes into its own cell. Choose "Delimited" and then select the appropriate delimiter -- usually a space -- and the data will be moved into the appropriate column.

    If it's the latter, then I'm not sure how to fix that, except maybe to highlight lots of rows before choosing Paste Special.


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      Multiple rows...your instructions worked perfectly! Thanks JonE!


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        You don't need to copy and past as you can export the Full List as a CSV file. Open the csv file in Excel and you will see that it is a worksheet with all the data neatly separated into columns and rows. You can then right-click the tab name to move it into your workbook where you can wrangle the data as you wish.