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Electronic files and the infinite loop

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  • Electronic files and the infinite loop

    I am finally getting around to downloading the electronic file version of the Forecaster. But I am caught in a loop, in which the page asks me for the username and password, and then keeps on asking me for it. It doesn't tell me that I've done it right or wrong; whatever I enter, including some deliberately misspelled versions, it keeps asking me for the password. This has happened on two different browsers, and happens whether I am logged in or not. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

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    Is there a particular file that's happening on? Or are you not even getting that far?


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      Not getting that far. I go to the page at the address in the email, click on the link labeled '> Download Content Now! <', and then I'm stuck in the infinite loop.


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        I just tried, worked fine for me. These things can be awfully browser-specific. What browser are you using? Try deleting cache/cookies yet? PM me an email address and I'll either email you the files or send you an alternate download link. Sorry it's such a pain.