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position eligibility using Projections databases

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  • position eligibility using Projections databases

    Each year I have downloaded the HQ forecasts to Excel to start my draft prep. Our league is AL only 10 teams and has a 20 game eligibility requirement. If a player has not played 20 games at a position he is eligible at the position that he played the most games.

    I just started using the forecasts for 2014 and discovered that the positions list does not conform with our rules. Is this a change from prior years? It used to match up. For example, Dustin Ackley show DH eligibility but played less than 20 games there.

    Is there an easy way to pull the forecasts in a manner that will be consistent with my leagues rules?

    As an aside your forecasts have been a great resource over the years. I am well versed in Excel and have used the databases to bring data in from other sites and use pivot tables to create my draft prep.

    Thanks for the help over the years. It is much appreciated.

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    Ackley is not showing with DH eligibility. You are confusing the zero (DH) eligibility notation with the small-letter 'o'. We have added the latter as a notation for generic OF eligibility, in addition to the usual 7-8-9.


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      Ackley is listed as o48 - that's o for outfield, 4 for second base and 8 for center field. The lower case o is for outfield, not a zero for DH.
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        Thanks for your help. The o was confusing me. As you pointed out it is new for this year. I always went by the 7,8 or 9 designation for OF Thanks for your quick turnaround.


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          FYI, the 'o' will catch anyone who played 20 total OF games without playing 20 in any of 7-8-9.