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What is "MLBAM ID"?

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  • What is "MLBAM ID"?

    It seems to have been added to the stat csv files, and it's messing up my imports. Why not add new fields to the right instead of interspersed?

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    It has been a common request to add this to our projection files -- see this thread for instance. We know that adding fields messes up subscribers' use of the projection files, but that's why we added it in the off-season, not once folks are doing last-minute draft preparation. It is a common identifier and should help those who want to match BaseballHQ records with other data.

    Don't know why it was decided to be added in a particular location on the file though.
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      What Michael said, basically. Sorry for the disruption to anything you had scripted, but we'd rather do this in January rather than March. It makes sense to put the ID fields together on the left, but usually we will add new columns to the right.