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  • No Response/Answer from Customer Service

    I just purchased my subscription this morning, along with Baseball Forecaster with auto renewal. Supposedly, a downloadable pdf of Baseball Forecaster is available, but when I click to download it says access is denied as if I haven't made the purchase. I received confirmation of my orders via email.

    I emailed Customer Service and have called the 800 # many times over the past 12+ hours, but there is no answer. Being new to BaseballHQ, I'm now having second thoughts that this is worth it.

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    Welcome to both BaseballHQ and the forums! I'm sorry that your initial experience has been so frustrating.

    Take a look at this page. Near the end of that short item it explains that, when the article was posted on November 26, we were about a week behind in processing orders. Even assuming the backlog is shorter (sorry, but I don't personally know), it apparently does take some processing to enable you to download the pdf file.

    I'll also make sure that others from BaseballHQ see your post.
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      Welcome, teedub. There is some manual processing that needs to get completed on your order that needs to happen for you to get access to the Forecaster download. One way or the other, I'll make sure you get PDF access this morning.

      Glad to have you with us!

      Co-General Manager


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        Thanks to both Michael and Ray. I should've seen that language Michael pointed out.


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          Just sent you an alternate download link via email.