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Problem with re-direct loop in Google Chrome

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  • Problem with re-direct loop in Google Chrome

    Lately I've been having an issue accessing the forums via Chrome. I get a re-direct loop error and I am unable to access the page. If I clear my browsing history it works fine for a day or two but then the error resumes.

    I don't see this issue using IE.

    Any idea what causes this?

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    Not very helpful but I'm also using Chrome, both mobile and desktop, and I've not seen that issue. Maybe uninstall and reinstall?


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      I had the issue in safari on my ipad, I deletd all cookies and that fixed the problem.
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        I have deleted all cookies as well as cleared all browsing history and the problem still persists. Time to un-install and re-install.


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          Try upgrading Chrome to latest version, if you haven't already.