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  • MACK for Dummies (ie me!)

    So I've done the weeks, if not months, of pre-season research, I've drafted my team and I've exercised excruciating patience.

    Now is the time to start making changes to my under-performing teams.

    Is there an article somewhere in this site that explains in simple language how MACK can help me? I've found myself going to the Power Tools section and just staring at it in bewilderment, not really knowing what I am meant to do next.

    It's the same with the Proj reports from Stats and Projections; I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for in all that data.

    I surely can't be the first person to hit the proverbial brick wall when it comes to in-season management so I presume there is plenty of helpful advice on here that I haven't managed to track down yet.


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    We don't have good MACK documentation, it's on my mythical to-do list. Best thing to do is just tinker with it. Set up your team in MACK. Maybe add the league leader's team or your rival or something to compare your team to. Design some reports... start with just your scoring categories. Run the report for each team, you'll see how you compare for the balance of the season in terms of projections for your scoring categories.

    Now that starts to give you some information about what you might do to improve your team. Let's say you need BA help, and you have Rickie Weeks killing you in BA. You can go to Power Tools and set up a search on, say, all 2B with projected BA > .280 OR all 2B with 85% contact, or both. That will give you a "shopping list" of some guys you might want to trade for. You can then do things like create a new team full of trade targets, and use the Power Trade feature to analyze what impact the trade will have on your projected standings.

    Hope this helps...


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      Thanks Ray, that make a lot more sense to me.