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CDG and Free Agents

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  • CDG and Free Agents

    I seem to be unclear on the CDG. I have created a Mack League, populated the teams in it (prior to our auction, later this week). I've loaded the league in MACK, but when I run any reports it lists all players, not just available players. Same for the grid. Is there a filter for players already on a team?

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    Besides just entering the players in MACK, you need to flag them as keepers with a salary and position. This happens on the Teams tab in MaCK, under Player Properties. Do that, set the "use keepers" box in CDG,
    And then the kept players will be flagged as keepers and with their frozen salary in the CDG output.


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      Did that, but the keepers, but the players are still in the reporting structure. Can I not get my reports to exclude players that are already taken (my keepers)? I realize I could export to csv, sort by "Kept" and delete those guys after the sort. Seems like the hard way to do it, if I could just create a report for available players.


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        The CDG never excludes players, it just flags them as Kept. As you say, you can dump to Excel and filter/delete that way pretty easily.