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MACK Starting OFers listed as reserve OFers

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  • MACK Starting OFers listed as reserve OFers

    Why do you list one or two predicted starting outfielders for the teams also in the reserve outfielder columns in MACK? I cannot see any reasoning behind the choice of the outfielders to place in both positions. It might make sense if it was the two weaker outfielders, but many of the teams have the best offensive outfielder in the reserve column also. I see no reason for this double listing.

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    In MACK? I don't know what you mean. On the Depth Charts, there's something like this going on, if that's what you're referring to. It's a bug and should be fixed soon.


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      Yes. That is correct. I was sitting with MACK up, but had a print copy of the depth chart in front of me. I was referring to the depth chart. It was this way last year also. Good to know that it is a glitch and not some theory on player values that I cannot fathom.